A few weekends ago I had the chance to flex my creative muscles when creating my booth for the Niagara Wedding Show.  But in order to make a lasting impression, I knew I needed to add some spice to the vision of my 8×6 space.  I needed inspiration.

I’d been working on an article for my other passion project, Dramatically Zen, featuring an eco-friendly, bohemian, Balinese paradise: the boutique resort, Bambu Indah. Overlooking the Sayan Gorge in Ubud, this distinctive resort is comprised of restored antique Javanese bridal homes built of teak wood.  The style ranges from rustic to chic, decorated in Moroccan rugs, Burmese lacquerware, and Ethiopian woodwork, all while exuding a hippie-ish, “Free People” vibe.



My time visiting this Balinese dream was of great impact, and I knew that integrating the unique style into my wedding booth design would solve that desire for spice. The inspiration for the booth was set- now to fill that vision with decor.

I’d recently taken part in a number of local artisan pop-up shops to showcase my book, Dramatically Zen. Through this process, I’ve connected with a number of creative and wonderful souls – one of them being Daniela from Simply Macrame. Macrame seemed to be a forgotten art, but recently with the influx of the bohemian movement, the quirky art of knotting cord or rope in patterns to make decorative articles, plant holders, etc, has brought macrame back on the scene. Her macrame display holder was exactly what I was looking for to be the focal point of the booth. Next up: florals.

I’d also recently connected with a lovely florist, Myrica De Haan, from Roses & Twine, to put together a stylized winter vineyard photo shoot (stay tuned for details!). When I met Myrica just before Christmas, we instantly clicked and shared travel tales (you guys know these are my favorite kind of tales) and what inspires us to be creative. One fun fact about her process is that she has her own little flower garden at home to inject into her events! What a doll! Myrica created organic garlands to be draped over the macrame holder, and injected her own style to bring unique textures and colours into the decor we put together.

Here, my friends, is the result of these three minds….