I am Angela Urquhart. I am an author. I am an entrepreneur. And I am a steward of Bali.

Now, let me explain…

A few years back, my world spiraled entirely out of control. One day I was content, and the next, I was battling unexpected illness and death in my immediate family and an unpredicted job layoff in the midst of economic downtown in southern Ontario.

I remember those ungodly hours following such emotional blows, and while the first few (many!) were bleak, what soon came to light afterwards opened a life-altering door. I dreamt big and wrote down no-limits goals for myself: I will travel the world. I will start my own business. I will build my own brand. I will write a novel.

So, here we are in 2015 and those goals are my reality! I started by traveling solo to Bali, Thailand and Australia with nothing but a backpack and my blog. During my time spent in Bali, I opened my mind and heart in a way I never thought possible and documented every miraculous moment to share with my social network.

I felt then, and still feel today, that it’s one of my life’s purposes to share the brilliance of Bali with Canada and the rest of the world. So much so that Bali is the origin of inspiration for my inaugural book, “Dramatically Zen: A Guidebook to Living Your Best Life”, which is published and officially on sale to the public.

Dramatically Zen, while the title of my first book, is also how I choose to live my life. I believe it’s a lifestyle option for people too. And it’s a brand I am working hard to grow.

The Dramatically Zen brand encourages people to create their own life space where creativity is cultivated, careers are chosen based on passion, and inspiration is a regular part of the day to day. Life is a beautiful juxtaposition. If people choose to dance with the drama that naturally incurs, then they can live their best life and best version of themselves.

Speaking of being the best version of myself, did I happen to mention I own my own events company based in the Niagara Region, Elev8 Events? Well, I do! My business is my passion and a platform that allows me the freedom to use my creativity, write and promote to my heart’s content, and travel the world.

The sky is the limit in terms of growing my events business in conjunction with the Dramatically Zen brand. From developing brand-centric retreats to yoga and wellness workshops, it’s my purpose to introduce clients to the endless inspiration of the world.

It would be my absolute honour and pleasure to return to Bali as a recipient of the Coupofy Annual Entrepreneurship Award (http://www.coupofy.com/apply-for-the-annual-coupofy-entrepreneurship-award/). With this extraordinary opportunity, I would leverage our partnership to grow my brand, my business and reach new heights with the success of my book. My social network is extensive and growing quickly. I promise to promote Coupofy as my partner in opportunity through all channels. I believe together we can be a boundless source of Dramatically Zen inspiration for other people at home and abroad.

When things are done differently, but with authentic intention, people take notice. Let’s make people take notice together!

Thank you, Coupofy, for your consideration!

Angela Urquhart, Steward of Bali